• Li

    15 Apr '10

    and we will live on the moon and eat space cheese

  • Lord Kap

    16 Apr '10

    Ah... Great space cheese! ;)

  • Loboguy

    16 Apr '10

    "Everyone knows the Moon's made of cheese!" xD

  • Nojh

    16 Apr '10

    Yeah! Take that Jordan! (Woo! Go Jordan!)

  • Emily

    16 Apr '10

    The next time my boyfriend makes me write a paper instead letting of watching Dirty Jobs...

  • Soop

    16 Apr '10


  • Sarah

    16 Apr '10

    ^ Amen to that! Next time my boyfriend makes me do ANY homework!

  • Bill

    17 Apr '10

    That's what you get for being mean to Jordan all the time!

  • fuzzy

    17 Apr '10

    i do this to my boyfriend all the time. :D

  • archivis

    19 Apr '10

    Wheee hmmm is making Extra Ordinary a dirty job? You could be on the show!

  • Jaxsun

    31 Jul '10

    hehe, I was watching Dirty Jobs when I found this one. :D

  • Artanis186

    17 Sep '10

    You should leave him and go with me to the moon. :(

  • Megan Young

    18 Sep '10

    Omg I love Mike Rowe. He is sooo sexy and he would be cool about it, that's why he's sexy. I live in the same town as him, if I see him, I'll let him know you're looking for him!

  • Kate

    06 Oct '10

    I heard a commercial of his on the radio recently where he talks about his girlfriend. I literally yelled out, "NOO!! MIKE ROOOOOWE!!" while I was driving alone in my car. ... *sniffs and drops her binders w/ Mrs. Mike Rowe written all over them into the trash bin..* T_T

  • Shawn

    30 Oct '10

    and then clean fish guts!!!

  • emmah

    21 Jul '11

    I know the best place to eat space cheese! it in Pittsburgh...

  • leanne

    05 Sep '11

    hahah this made me go do my homeowrk :L :D

  • Katherine

    11 Jul '12

    This reminded me of a day that me and my boyfriend (I call him The Duke) had. In fact, I can relate with your comics with most days with The Duke. I am so glad I discovered this! XD

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