• Li

    13 Apr '10

    What is it, you ask?

  • Ace_K

    13 Apr '10

    Oh My God!! Do you have one??

  • Ethan

    13 Apr '10

    YES! I never see Theremins in pop-culture! I built my own last year. ...But I hate it :( So hard to play. I just need to sit down and learn it aside from alien sounds.

  • Lazy_day

    13 Apr '10

    There are heaps of funny cat verse theremins vids on youtube, But I love the zelda theme on theremin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJYho56INKU

  • 3Lance

    13 Apr '10

    A Theremin? I thought it was a haunted wireless modem. But that's just me.

  • mitch

    13 Apr '10

    first comment on your site! i knew what it was you were trying to draw, but did not know what it was called.

  • vitupera

    14 Apr '10

    You have a theremin?! I am positively *green* now.

  • Tom

    14 Apr '10

    Thank god for the comments. I figured there must be something really weird going on with wireless modems in NZ. Bill Bailey uses a theremin (now that I know what it's called) in his shows http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEPcUWk8xEo Though I'm not sure it's funny if you don't get BBC

  • Lord Kap

    14 Apr '10

    Poor Shoelace! ;)

  • Nojh

    16 Apr '10

    Aww. Poor Shoelace! All Theremin should be throughly destroyed!

  • Soop

    16 Apr '10

    Awwww...Quick Shoelace! Shoot it!

  • Michel

    25 Apr '10

    Goodness, I remember the music teacher bringing in a theremin for us to try out when I was a kid. Neat!

  • Lisa

    07 Aug '10

    Ooooh Shoelace!

  • Emily

    03 Sep '10

    I <3 theremins. Thank you for being adorably geeky. :-D

  • Oak

    29 Sep '10

    I didn't need the link, I ALREADY KNEW WHAT THERAMINS WERE. I saw a band live that had a theramin player. he also played violin and double bass. fun band.

  • anne

    01 Oct '10

    i love theremins, my dad made one from a suitcase last year but then he got bored and gave it away to his friend in georgia. u have one? (: LUCKY DUCK

  • GoddessMaria

    22 Oct '10

    What does the alt text in this one mean? [113] Anyone? I adore theramins, too. And I love this comeek!

  • Xin

    28 Oct '10

    @GoddessMaria - That would be the comic #.

  • Dylan Mondragon

    19 Apr '11

    Oh wow! You learn something every day, I guess! :D

  • Katy

    21 Apr '11

    I can't stop watching your comics over and over again!! ^_^

  • Jelly-being

    08 Sep '11

    These things FREAK ME OUT sooo much... It doesn't seem natural for an instrument to be played without physical contact. Especially when it makes such a human-like sound O.o

  • Livi♥

    22 Apr '12

    I knew what it was!!! I had to show my boyfriend though lol :-3

  • Tamfang

    11 Jan '13

    Doesn't a theremin have two ‘antennae’?

  • Tamfang

    27 Jan '13

    Ah, now I see the loop antenna on the left.

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