• Li

    09 Apr '10

    I have a big head :(

  • Andrew Stella

    09 Apr '10

    Hahah Shoelace see, Shoelace do :D

  • Tom

    09 Apr '10

    This might be my favourite one yet. Brilliant!

  • Nojh

    09 Apr '10

    I always hate it when the prize in my kitty treat box is at the very bottom. I mean cereal. Yeah.

  • Ethan

    09 Apr '10

    Or is it Li see, Li do!? lol

  • acce245

    09 Apr '10

    Zombie food boxes need BRAINS!

  • lt_amazil

    09 Apr '10

    aww you can't look at this and not smile

  • Tobi

    09 Apr '10

    Why do I hear a little "om nom nom" in my head when I read this? And why is this the only webcomic I regularly comment? The answer can only be: Awesome!

  • Soop

    10 Apr '10

    Marco....Polo.....Marco....Polo..... (:

  • David

    10 Apr '10

    Put smarties tubes on cats legs, make them walk like a robot.

  • CelsoSC

    10 Apr '10

    LOL Synchronized head stucking :D it may even go to the Olympics :P

  • Victoria

    10 Apr '10

    I was trying to figure out how you posted this in the future. But then I remembered you ARE in the future. (Living in the US is such a bummer.)

  • Sevenstars

    10 Apr '10

    Adorable. Reminiscent of the Calvin and Hobbes dancing strip - not quite dancing though. I just found your comic and I love it, keep it up!

  • alecho

    14 Feb '11

    Cute! Me and my bro used to do that when we were young. I almost suffocated once... ;)

  • Allie

    30 Jun '11

    This makes me think of my dog, Daisy :) She did this once and my dad and I laughed, took a picture, and then threw the box away. A few hours later, when my mom came home from work, we told her and she looked out a window. She was horrified, asking why we would leave the box on her head. We were confused until we looked outside and saw that Daisy had dug into the trash and gotten the same box stuck on her head again :)

  • dasragon

    19 Jul '11

    Boxhead zombies?

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Big? :O Your head is downright tiny if it can fit inside of a cereal box! Soooooo tiny! :O

  • Ran

    23 Mar '16

    omg I've done something like this but with a garbage bag! xD

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