• Li
    31 Mar '10

    If you love me, you’ll eat my knee scab.

  • Anonymous
    31 Mar '10

    Eeew..... I eat also some ^^

  • Matjaž
    31 Mar '10

    Oh! My! God! I'm doing exactly the same thing. Except I ain't feeding it to anybody.

    Why can't I stop it! Oh my.

    Thanks a lot for making the days brighter! Keep going!

  • neocow
    31 Mar '10

    Don't do that to your poor boyfriend! It is nasty.

  • Sam Shackelford
    Sam Shackelford
    31 Mar '10

    Bleck! Ewwwy! :op How can you be so cute AND gross at the same time? How???

  • Yohan
    31 Mar '10

    I love how disappoint Shoelace is :D

  • plasticuser
    31 Mar '10

    You should just sell it on ewwwBay...

  • Tobi
    1 Apr '10

    Eww. Now I'm feeling sick.

  • Soop
    1 Apr '10

    -cringe- ewwwyy...I'm on Shoelace's side for this one -facepalm-

  • Nojh
    1 Apr '10

    Scabs taste kind of weird. I don't suggest them. But you know she is right Jordan. If you loved her you'd eat her scabs. Of course I bet you have a ton of scabs from when Shoelace shot you that you can feed to her! :)

  • Chloe
    1 Apr '10

    Shoelace is definitely hovering behind your hair in the last panel.

  • The CronoLink
    The CronoLink
    3 Apr '10

    Just found your webcomic. Awesome and sweet. Wish you the very best. =)

  • Chris B
    Chris B
    23 May '10

    lol shoelace facepalmed at you

  • Abby Kim
    Abby Kim
    23 May '10

    found ur comic on funnyjunk, a place where people are too lazy to type out words.

    I too am gross and eat scabs not necessarily mine or offered.

  • foozlesprite
    14 Aug '10

    When I was young my mom and I went to the lake a lot, and she'd get sunburned. It's pretty nonsensical now, but I'd eat the skin that peeled off of her sunburn.

    She's weird too, it must run in the family.

  • Bob
    6 Sep '10

    next youll ask him to smell a fart

  • Werner
    13 Sep '10

    That reminds me of this guy that worked at Kindercare that was joking his giant knee scab was bacon and tried to trick me and eat it... I've picked enough scabs to know when I see one xD

  • Kate
    6 Oct '10

    Mine won't eat them either.. *pouty face* Don't boys realize that knee-scab consumption is the greatest sign of affection?? ;)

  • Serge
    27 Nov '10

    It's comics like these that make it scary how much you guys remind me of us guys.

    Also, Jordan's face is pretty much the face I make in trying times such as these.

  • Maddieline
    30 Nov '10

    I've done similar stuff in my past hyper-psychotic days. I miss those days. ' 3 '

  • Huh
    4 Aug '11

    lol that's disgusting :x but I do pick at my bigger scabs. A very weird habit I've had since I was a kid.....

  • Benjamin
    11 Aug '11

    ive eaten my scabs before..... >.>

  • Douglas
    20 Aug '11


    I didn't see a trackback link, so here's a regular one:

    I saved and re-posted the comic, with credit and a link. Please let me know if you have any copyright concerns. Thanks!


  • Otend
    22 Oct '11

    How can you say you love her if you can't even eat her scab?

  • Trobby
    10 Nov '11

    How did Shoelace get up there? :O You must have amazing conditioner for your hair!

  • Kirby_mongerr
    11 Sep '14

    I'll eat anything my body produces at least once. except earwax. gross.

  • ZF_Precious
    9 May '18

    We've all tried it, admit it