• Li

    16 Mar '10

    Hello lovely readers, I hope you are all well :) I'm sorry about the lack of comic last thursday and unfortunately there will be no comic this thursday either because I will be busy moving into my new home. Everything will be back to normal next week I promise. See you next tuesday!

  • brando

    16 Mar '10

    heh, its weird how shoelaces eyebrows magically appear and disappear :P

  • photosonthewall

    17 Mar '10

    My cat would do the same...

  • Sam

    17 Mar '10

    LOL Akimbo Assasin Cat LOL Moving houses are fun :) Congrats :)

  • vitupera

    17 Mar '10

    Heh heh heh. My boyfriend has no idea how worried he should be when I wistfully talk about how much I want a cat like Shoelace. Good luck with the move!

  • Icaro Niz

    17 Mar '10

    Shoelace is definitively mean on the inside...

  • buddy

    17 Mar '10

    Drug related violence is not funny. except maybe when done by shoelace :P also, is that a 9mm? always thought kittehs carried AK-47s

  • Soop

    17 Mar '10

    @[email protected] -patpat- good shoelace. Don't hurt me now...-scared-

  • Cloud Windfoot Omega

    17 Mar '10

    and they were getting along so well up until this point then Jordan has to force shoelace to do the natural thing and shoot him!

  • plasticuser

    18 Mar '10

    Shoelace, you can be in my gang anytime. We ship the good stuff. Grade A 'nip fo sho!

  • Brie

    18 Mar '10

    xhtml coding fail... http://www.fototime.com/AFBAAA55DF40B90/orig.jpg

  • iChar

    20 Mar '10

    Hrm... Makes sense to me!

  • Celeste

    05 May '10

    I LOVE Shoelace's eyebrows. Hope there will be some comics about the moving soon :) good luck with that!

  • Yolanda

    17 Jul '10

    muahahahahahaha! Jordan's face ^^ My cat just slap you muaha

  • Phil E. Drifter

    26 Sep '10

    Did he died?

  • Tim

    05 Oct '10

    Damn! Do not fuck with Shoelace.

  • Kuragari

    21 Oct '10

    I think Shoelace should have been ironic and choked Jordan with a shoelace :P

  • Xin

    28 Oct '10

    @ Kuragari I think that would just be more of a coincidence than ironic.

  • Shawn

    30 Oct '10

    shoot you so bad make you wish i never shot you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Felix

    09 Dec '10

    This one really got to me! Haven't laughed this good in a while. Thank you!

  • jack

    16 Jan '11

    Haha Shoelace aint for the kitten

  • Kai

    14 Jul '11

    That key a programmable. Though it has uses in Linux as the 'magic key'.

  • Benjamin

    11 Aug '11

    someone should really try to get rid of that comment from slutbutt. there's no need for that here.

  • Benjamin

    11 Aug '11

    and i just realized that these comments show up in new zealand time. O_O

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Man, that isn't how blood comes out at all. D: THE ILLUSION IS SHATTERED.

  • draco

    25 Mar '12

    jorden's (i hope i spelled that right) in panel 3 is just PRICELESS

  • Greg

    09 Apr '13

    Drugs are bad, Mmmkay?

  • IkiFoo

    02 Nov '13

    Jordan's getting-shot face is the best. Oh my god. Best of all the things.

  • Alli Dayri

    12 Nov '18


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