• Li

    09 Mar '10

    Candy to the faaaaaaace.

  • Steven

    09 Mar '10

    I pushed it and nothing happened, so I went and got my own candy.

  • Seifer Katt

    09 Mar '10

    I... I've always wondered about that button.

  • r0s

    09 Mar '10

    cat has a cup, cup is on the cat (8)

  • plasticuser

    10 Mar '10

    If that was a Mac, you would have got cake. if you could find the Sys Req key. So I was told.

  • jfade

    10 Mar '10

    On my keyboard, the SysRq key is combined with the Print Screen key, and I've used that key a LOT. So someone owes me a couple thousand pieces of candy... *Taps foot*

  • Erin

    10 Mar '10

    I also have used that key a lot because it is combined with my delete button. I should be receiving candy out of this thing like a winning slot machine.

  • Soop

    10 Mar '10

    I pressed it and all I got was my boyfriend popping out :( WITH NO CANDY -cries- or cake...

  • Ross

    10 Mar '10

    I use this all the time! Alt + Shift + SysRq, fun to do to ppl's machines :p

  • llama

    10 Mar '10

    This is the most amazing comic i've read in a long time. Thanks for making me laugh!

  • Kaitie

    11 Mar '10

    I pushed mine and... nothing happened. I think I'm doing it wrong. :'(

  • yes!

    14 Mar '10

    Asus owes you a laptop

  • kayla

    15 Mar '10

    i cant belive i just read 106 comics.... no wonder i cant see.

  • G15

    22 Mar '10

    *after pressing: alt, shift, sys rq* Windows 7 Ultimate says: "Do you want to turn on High Contrast?" I say: "No and I want my candy."

  • Nojh

    26 Mar '10

    That is so much better than what you normally get to the face from the internet! Has Shoelace started a new hat trend? I do think he has.

  • Nemo

    27 Mar '10

    On linux you can use the so called "Magic Sysreq key". It allows you to use some low level commands (rebooting, sync mounted filesytems, killing tasks etc) so if your system hangs, you can still reboot your computer without corrupting files or stuff like that.

  • godofgrunts

    06 Jun '10

    Raising Hippos Is So Utterly Boring. Saved my butt quite a few times.

  • ina

    09 Aug '10

    the sys rq key on my comp is also the print screen key, so i already pressed it, i'm dissapointed. plus sometimes i just press all my keys.

  • Random Person

    10 Aug '10

    I looked everywhere I don't seem to have one I want some candy.. D:

  • Silence

    13 Aug '10

    I have an Asus too! They are AWSOME! I just started reading your comics, they are beautifully drawn. My boyfriend sent told me to read them because they sort of describe us. Keep up the work please.

  • Confused

    17 Aug '10


  • Machu

    09 Sep '10

    @Confused: Try pressing the same buttons to turn it off as to turn it on...

  • claudia

    10 Sep '10

    i have that button but it has been combined with the print screen button! so i have pressed it ALLLLL THE TIME. i have not, however, pushed this "Fn" button next to the windows logo button. so i just did. and I GOT CANDY TO THE FACE

  • Kate

    06 Oct '10

    Oh my god... I need to make this into art... O_O XDDD You will be credited for the original genius, of course, Li! =D

  • Shawn

    30 Oct '10


  • Jacqueline

    08 Nov '10

    I pushed it and my mouse spazzed out D: lmao

  • Nona

    17 Nov '10

    my laptop does not have that key :(

  • Loupax

    24 Nov '10

    You mean you have pushed Scroll Lock?

  • Noelle

    27 Nov '10

    On my laptop, if you press it and fin at the same time it takes a screen shot

  • jack

    16 Jan '11

    Use this button more often

  • Marizú

    13 Apr '11

    hahahaha amazing, love it !

  • dylan

    01 Jun '11

    you know Li, you're the 3rd girl that i've had a huge crush on that goes out with a guy named Jordan...0_o haha maybe one day </3. seriously though i love your comics.

  • Elizabeth

    07 Aug '11

    I dont have one <=(

  • seth

    31 Aug '11

    lol i saw the button and i was like "yay :D", so i pressed it, and then i noticed it was also the print screen button, so then i was "wait i always press that D:<" true story :3

  • Freakbox

    07 Sep '11

    My magic sysrq key is useful, but I'm on linux. :3~

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    That very tiny car must belong to one of the home owners who live in the giant box fort complex. ;o I wonder what he's doing at your laptop? Does he work there?

  • Krem

    15 May '13

    SysRq is used under unix systems (Linux, Mac), and is used to send commands directly to the kernel (system core) like print register, hang up, or... crash :P. And many, many others.

  • Sabby

    03 Aug '13

    It also often doubles as the PrtSc key, which is used for screenshotting.

  • John

    04 Aug '13


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