• Li

    18 Feb '10

    .u'u la fanva pe .gugl. cu na se pilno do

  • Um...

    18 Feb '10

    Um... yay, cookies?

  • Andy

    18 Feb '10

    ... Lojban - The Logical Language Never heard of that before

  • ulrik

    18 Feb '10

    xu do se glibau?

  • Maggie

    19 Feb '10

    Translation....? >_<

  • Dan

    19 Feb '10

    @ulrik a'unai That was way too much effort to read your meaningless conversation. Next time there should be a steamy fantasy involved!

  • la i'enator

    19 Feb '10


  • pafcribe

    19 Feb '10

    @dan .ie go'i gi'e .ienai go'e

  • jman077

    19 Feb '10

    This is the obvious response. http://xkcd.com/191/

  • Christi

    19 Feb '10

    Man, Shoelace isn't even in this one!

  • Moonshadow

    19 Feb '10

    "I note you're not speaking English." "Yup." "Confusing the audience, I'm guessing." "I don't know many who'd understand." "And no Shoelace. Nothing to amuse those who don't understand." "But anyway, here - have tasty!" "Yay!" ...I think.

  • i'enator

    19 Feb '10

    “I note we're not speaking English.” “Yup.” “IMO that's Confusing to the audience” “I know many who’d understand.” “But no Shoelace. Nothing to amuse those who don’t understand.” "bah." “oh, btw~: TASTY!” “Hooray!” comment: "sorry, google translate's not useful for you" :)

  • djeims

    19 Feb '10

    .ui.i'e .i le fanva be la .gugl. cu kakne lo nu pilno la jbofi'e .i se zasti lo vi zdile pixra girzu poi se fanva poi na ti ni'o midjIcalonucItkalokUkte

  • gadevoi

    19 Feb '10

    Lojban emotionnals marquers turn out pretty well in a comic.

  • Beth

    19 Feb '10

    i have a prog that randomly chooses wallpapers for me (yeah... cant be bothered to do it myself ;) ) and guess what just popped up? exactly your #100! and, what should i say: it just made my day :D i love your webcomic and it just never fails to put a biiig smile on my face :) so thank you!

  • swb

    19 Feb '10

    lo kukte!

  • mauve

    20 Feb '10

    I love how everything's been knocked over. Poor flower, poor tea... :P Love your comics, keep creating! (I've been lurking.) XD

  • Nojh

    22 Feb '10

    Hmm. This makes me want to learn Lojban! It also makes me want yummies. I mean cookies.

  • Susy

    23 Feb '10

    i agree..this one makes you want yummies

  • Anon

    22 Mar '10

    Well, I vote doubleplusbad, I don't like Newspeak!

  • Anon

    22 Mar '10

    My bad, I meant doubleplusungood... I'm not very used to it.

  • mee

    26 Aug '10

    you plusun-used.

  • zippomage

    11 Sep '10

    the very concept makes me wonder who would be stupid enough to think of inventing a language for this purpose, since nobody would ever use it, except to cut those who do not learn it out of the conversation.

  • Kitsune-Teme

    21 Sep '10

    ........................MY BRAIN >.<

  • Shawn

    30 Oct '10

    Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn!

  • Stephen

    04 Nov '10

    Yeah, I'm learning Lojban now... thanks! Also, love your comic. I'm putting it my RSS feed keep-up-with thing, 'cause you're awesome!

  • Marenz

    18 Nov '10

    Strange. I was reading through your comics, thinking all the time, "I should do something productive.. like learning more Lojban" .. and then this comic pops up. I was stunned. I guess this is a clear sign ;) I love your naive way of enjoying things and having fun. I miss that in me sometimes. --Marenz

  • Kira

    15 Jan '11

    mi nelci ko teehee, i love your site and art :) here, if you don't understand lojba, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lojban

  • jack

    16 Jan '11

    I don't understand a word :(

  • arran

    18 Jun '11

    Wow. I was able to read 70% of that without reference.

  • Jeremy

    31 Jul '11

    ᛖᚲ ᛟᚲ ᛖᛚᛊᚲ ᚲᚢᚾᚾᚨ ᛊᚲᚱᛁᚠᚨ ᛖᚱᚠᛁᚦᚱ ᛗᚨᛚ

  • Benjamin

    10 Aug '11

    ......google translate says its bosnian? and they dont translate that. im sad for not being able to read this. D:

  • mikeyla

    31 Aug '11

    where did you learn lojban, i've been meaning to learn for a while now.

  • snan

    20 May '12

    .ixu bangu nelci

  • JCRogers

    27 May '12

    I'm learning lojban and one of the links led me here! And this comic is adorable, so now I'm subbing. Hooray!

  • John

    04 Aug '13

    Please never write a comic in this lingo ever again, I beg of you. I only know english.

  • la lorxus.sevlim

    15 Feb '14

    An attempt at a translation: -Huh. I see we're not speaking English. -Yup. -It must be confusing to the audience, mustn't it? -I know the few who understand quite well. -But Shoelace isn't here. Nothing's going to be interesting to those who don't understand. -Meh. -Anyway, something tasty! -YAY

  • Anna

    13 Mar '15

    yeah lojban !!

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