• Li

    12 Feb '10

    Number 100. Fuck yeah. Thanks to everyone for reading my comic and because we love you, this comic is available as a desktop wallpaper, now located on my new downloads page: Downloads Page! and remember that you can get prints of any comic, including this one at the store!

  • Seifer Katt

    12 Feb '10

    Congratulations on the 100. May there be more zombies and cats and generally awesome for 100 more :D

  • Jenny

    12 Feb '10

    Love it. The lighting is beautiful and it's just so... awesome! So very fitting for your 100th. Can't wait to see what you do with the next 100. ^_^

  • horuskol

    12 Feb '10

    wow! 100 - seems like you've been around a lot longer... looking forward to yet more adventures of Li, Jordan, and, of course, Shoelace (the real hero of these comics)

  • eduardo

    12 Feb '10


  • koniczynek

    12 Feb '10

    Can I have this at 4800 x 1200 for my three screen desktop?

  • Jethro

    12 Feb '10

    Hey Li did you know this is your 100th comic? Cool aye. Congratulations!

  • dataBURN

    12 Feb '10

    Congratulations Li (and Shoelace for Inspiration, and Jordan for ...... ummm ... oh yea Pancakes), 100th comic = very cool. I never miss a day....

  • John

    12 Feb '10

    Awesome! I love your comic Li <3

  • Scatman Dan

    12 Feb '10

    Huge congratulations on reaching 100!

  • HumanisticJones

    12 Feb '10

    Bust a cap in that Zack, Shoelace!

  • CelsoSC

    12 Feb '10

    Congrats for the milestone! Shoelace (featuring white eyebrows), Jordan and Li in zombieland... That's awsome :D Keep up the excellent work!

  • mundanevelocity

    12 Feb '10

    just to let you know, i had already *right-click-move-mouse-to-"set as desktop background"* before i scrolled down and saw the links

  • kleer001

    12 Feb '10

    Extra Ordinary keeps me coming back for more exquisitely rendered short form comedy & drama, but this... this celebration is excellence. Here's to another 1000!

  • acce245

    12 Feb '10


  • Tyler

    12 Feb '10

    I knew this would be in color!

  • Heidi

    12 Feb '10

    This is epic. And immediately reminded me of the final episode of Angel. xoxoxox

  • OIK2

    12 Feb '10

    Keep up the amazing work! I enjoy the art and comedy of your comic, and the amazing strides you have made in artificial feline eyebrow augmentation, and look forward to the stories you have to tell. You made it to my desktop wallpaper too! I can just imagine the ensuing action and that is definitely something I would watch!

  • Sharky

    12 Feb '10

    Happy 100th Li! I am so glad my friend Larisa told me about Extra Ordinary back in the fall. I never miss it.

  • Lord Kap

    12 Feb '10

    Really good! Congratulations for the 100th! ;)

  • Yenny

    12 Feb '10

    Congratulations on your 100th comic Li!!!! It's superb!!! May there be hundreds more :D

  • Christina

    12 Feb '10

    Awesome! I've been reading Extra Ordinary for over a month and its amazing! Kudos and keep up the good work! ^_^ Zombie Excellence.

  • Jorgelina

    12 Feb '10

    Oooooooh! Fancy! Looks really good, Li!

  • Heidi

    12 Feb '10

    WOW! Congrats! Love it. Keep up the good work!

  • Avi

    12 Feb '10


  • Sixty-Seven

    13 Feb '10

    This is the coolest thing I have ever seen in the history of forever. :D Congrats on being AWESOME.

  • wyndl

    13 Feb '10

    Li, I think you should do artwork for a left 4 dead mod and call it 'extra-ordinarily left 4 dead'. it would be glorious!

  • Orbindo

    13 Feb '10

    Amazing. Congrats on 100! now, quadruple digits or bust!!!!! lol

  • Glen

    14 Feb '10

    Thanks for all your effort that goes into making this awesomeness for us =D

  • Josie

    14 Feb '10

    So. Much. Win.

  • Nojh

    16 Feb '10

    Awesome picture!

  • Topaz

    17 Feb '10

    This is why we have the word epic. So awesome! I never miss a day of Extra Ordinary and this is just the epitomy of greatness. Looking for the next 100! Congrats!

  • Wally (you know who)

    25 Feb '10

    *blush* yeah, even your real life friends worship you. This is now my desktop :-)

  • Duke

    01 Jun '10

    OHMIGOD! Fuckin' epic 100.

  • Lisa

    07 Aug '10

    Shoelace is frigging epic

  • Random Person

    10 Aug '10

    The orangeish glow of their eyes looks like Left 4 Dead, no?

  • zebra

    15 Aug '10

    that is so cute! you two kids fighting off zombies! what color is Jordans eyes? they look greenish

  • Layla

    20 Aug '10

    This is the most epic picture of the year. I love it. I may just print it out and put it in my locker.

  • Sooshi Meo

    10 Oct '10

    -_- I didn't even notice the navigation bar b/c I've been so busy just obsessively clicking for the next picture. Glad to know there is a store!! :D 100 pages in a couple of hours. -_- I've gotta get over this cuteness addiction.

  • Noelle

    27 Nov '10

    Holy Crap! For a second I thought Shoe Lace had a sonic screwdriver O_O *Has serious issues*

  • jack

    16 Jan '11

    Scary good

  • Josue

    07 Jul '11

    really cool wallpapers!

  • Cris

    29 Sep '11


  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Oh wow. I totally forgot that you were a badass zombie killer. What if...what if there was a zombie spider? D::::

  • E343

    15 Mar '12

    whoa!, Li you made my day entirely with this frame, thank you so much =^w^=

  • jo

    27 Feb '13

    YES. YES. YES.

  • Jonathan

    08 Apr '15

    This is the awesomest bad-ass post ever! I love your work, Li! OwO

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