• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Don't you just hate awkward situations?

  • Jesse

    31 May '10

    ... You mean like this? O.O

  • Shinda

    28 Jun '10

    I like awkward situations because most of them lead to a funny memory.

  • Emily

    03 Sep '10

    Bahaha! I have S.A.D., too, Mr. Cicada! I laughed out loud. Awesome. :-D

  • brandon

    10 Sep '10

    omg i learn about S.A.D in school today :3

  • Nintenfan

    09 Dec '10

    Cicadas hurt when they fly into you D:

  • Lorien

    23 Feb '11

    Around here, if they sing during the morning it means it's going to be terrible hot in the afternoon. I guess this makes'em so happy that they implode, 'cause they don't sing after twelve. Just babling~

  • Reptawr

    14 Apr '11

    Tee hee x3 These make me giggle :3 Poor Buggie :c

  • Juan

    17 Oct '12

    What media do you use for this comic? Tablet or scanner? Very impresive either way.

  • firstmate

    18 Feb '13

    If you knew the TRUE life history and mathematically fascinating origins of the sequential multi-year pattern of the emergence of various varieties of cicada [a.k.a. "n" year locusts where "n" is a PRIME number] from their long lifetime underground, you might not take such a light-hearted (and perhaps light headed) approach to these fascinating and instructive creatures... by instructive I mean they have taught naturalists and mathematicians SEVERAL facinating new truths about natural selection. Want to know more? Contact me. Jim

  • User013523

    21 Mar '14

    hi Li Chen

  • Chris the Blue

    22 Apr '16

    A BLT always cheers me up.

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