• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Mmmm tree fish. It's like normal fish but more land-y.

  • tigrress

    20 Sep '10

    How is there no comment on this one? I love the idea of the fish plant (and inevitable noms, of course!) FWIW, the "that'll learn em" from the previous comic was clearly understood, I thought. Love the funnies and the art style! ^_^

  • tig - again

    05 Feb '11

    Still no comments? Is this one broken? I started a blog since my first comment. That's funny, right?

  • Lorien

    23 Feb '11

    Mmmm fishy! Do you have it in salmon?

  • Chris

    17 Apr '11

    It just occurred to me that the last panel has Pac-Man Shoelace.

  • Jose

    19 May '11

    Love the last panel. Very cute.

  • bunnitos

    21 Aug '11

    Sea Cucumbers are rather crazy. I think they would spike you if you tried to put them on a sandwich. http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/invertebrates/sea-cucumber/

  • Sean Holland

    19 Sep '12

    Everyone loves fish trees! https://seaofstarsrpg.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/otherplaces-malibar-the-fish-trees-of/

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