• Li

    14 Dec '09

    I cannot stress enough how much I love Pictionary. It is the best game in the world.

  • OIK2

    07 Feb '10

    I have seen people that have a similar reaction to Risk.

  • Paul

    09 May '10

    maybe i'm glad we didn't play pictionary last night...

  • Charlotte

    23 Jul '10

    I LOVE PICTIONARY! I recently found a pictionary game online where you play with other people. For when you cant get any real people to play :/ Cute comic! And it's called Draw my thing :)

  • Jedi Magnus

    13 Sep '10

    Yeah, that's me and Star Wars right thar. =P

  • Nae

    07 Dec '10

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE this drawing style, so so much. Its quite similar to my own actually, only way cuter ^_^

  • Nicholas

    13 Jan '11

    This comic is my favorite! ^-^

  • EdGuth

    24 Feb '11

    You should try "Eat Poop, You Cat" on Facebook!

  • Moonhitler

    26 Jul '11

    Pictionary is an amazing game.

  • Lyra_malk

    07 Sep '11

    I also get stressed a lot by watching people play Pictionary XD

  • Sophie

    23 Dec '11

    I HATE YOUR FACE. ^.^ Totally my kind of reaction, but more to, like, Monopoly, or something I'm really bad at. I kick butt at Pictionary. :D

  • Pola

    06 Apr '12

    Just like Monica from "Friends"... And I also like Pictionary... and board games....

  • Ana

    13 Feb '15

    Stress changes us all. Normally for the worst.

  • Alli Dayri

    12 Nov '18

    Pictionary Li = Theory Alli

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