• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Arrrrrrr a day well spent.

  • Carlos

    23 May '10

    Haha. You're comics are so adorable :)

  • ina

    05 Aug '10

    aw you're so cute!

  • the dwagz

    07 Sep '10

    wut eva dawgs r da best.

  • naima

    02 Nov '10

    awww reminds me of playing with my little cousins... definitely a day well spent... who doesnt want to go back to being 4 again for a few hours... XD

  • Mark K

    17 Feb '11

    B E S T C O M I C E V E R P E R I O D . I can't tell you why, but whenever I too am in the throes of something internally awesome yet externally awkward some one, usually of significant stature (say boss perhaps), happens to be right there looking rather perplexed. yah...

  • Nick K

    11 May '11

    If you act anything like your character does, then i hope to at least meet you someday.

  • Tony Vahl

    03 Oct '11

    I think those dogs just want to play!

  • Sophie

    23 Dec '11

    Brings a whole new meaning to "scurvy dogs," don't you agree? XD

  • Nekoko

    17 May '12

    The comics are awesome OwO (Kitties rock :3)

  • Takesinny

    16 Nov '12

    I really love this website :D

  • Ivan

    06 Nov '13

    How does one join the kitty box pirates?

  • cc

    14 Dec '13

    Hi! there

  • NATH

    16 Jan '15

    Expectations to reality...

  • Kallee

    12 Nov '18

    Just stumbled across your comic from the Loading Artist's comic. I gotta say, this is pretty awesome. Keep up the good work!

  • Kallee

    12 Nov '18

    Oh crud, I got my email wrong somehow!

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