• Li
    14 Dec '09

    Not if I eat his brains first! HA!

  • Leah
    11 Mar '10

    I just stumbled upon your website and I love it! I hope you continue to draw and post. I relate to the characters and situations so much, it's uncanny. Thank you!

  • Jens
    29 May '10 as soon as everyone starts turning into Zombies, eat his brains, as to get the first strike!

    I like your site alot, it's very funny.

  • jules
    11 Aug '10

    ahahaha this is very cute...reminds me of my gf sooo much

    keep up the great work

  • Cherie
    26 Aug '10

    This is pretty much the most fantastic conversation ever.

  • Brittany Reta
    Brittany Reta
    28 Mar '11

    How weird is it that I've had that exact conversation?

  • Liane Yee
    Liane Yee
    30 Mar '11

    love that kitty bedspread. :)

  • Annie
    8 May '11

    Haha!! This is so me, I said something like that to my bf once when we were watching a zombie movie and then he stumbled upon this and showed me XD
    There is another one- the scary movie one where you want to watch a scary movie even though you end up not really watching it and being freaked out for ages.... ME TOO!!

  • AC
    15 Jul '11

    "If you were a Nazi, and I was Jewish, would you turn me in?"


    wtf do I say?!

  • Jo
    16 Oct '11

    I've also had pretty much this exact scenario with my gf. Thanks for the hilariously accurate rendering (and therefore legitimization) of my pillow talk!

  • Georgiana
    18 Nov '11

    This is by far my favourite scenario of all the comics! I tried asking this q to my bf and he responded the EXACT same way!!

  • Henry
    29 Nov '11

    Both Li and Jordan look almost exactly like my girlfriend and I! Also, I could totally see my girlfriend saying this!

  • Anya
    14 Dec '11

    Awwww just can't win in this discussion ^^

  • PrincessTomoko
    27 Dec '11

    hehe I showed this to my boyfriend and he laughed and replied with "Ashley,sweetheart, if I were to eat your brains than you wouldn't be able to live, and even if I were a zombie, zombies have feeling, I mean they can die and moan when bludgeoned upside the head, so if they can feel pain they must be able to feel love and living without your love is pain enough" I smiled and hugged him tightly and than we went and played fallout together ^^ XD

    Join my fight, Join my war, Join my story!!

    PS I absolutely love your comics they are so funny especially the kitty ones XD

  • Fabio
    11 Mar '12

    I call bullshit. That cat would be sprawled across the bed giving Li and Jordan absolutely no space to sleep.

  • Nekoko
    17 May '12

    wuv it, keep up the awesomeness -high five-

  • Lord
    15 Feb '13

    hahaahahahaa cute! ><

  • Korossasu
    6 Mar '14

    I've only read like 3 of these, don't even remember how I came across it. But I instantly felt the magic of it. Job well done, creator :) Will read 'em all.

  • Easter
    29 Mar '15


  • the
    16 Oct '15

    is everyone going to ignore how Jordan is just a severed head? He already is a zombie!