• Li
    14 Dec '09

    I don’t think Shoelace appreciates being dressed up as a girl.

  • Chris
    19 Dec '09

    But he's so pretty :O

  • Kuri suta hall
    Kuri suta hall
    23 Sep '10

    I have also done this to mah cat Tard..(yes thats his name its even on his licence and he earned it) he was not pleased with me for the next week...

  • Rich
    26 Sep '10

    well, he doens't have to like being dressed as a girl...but it's an eternal truth that all cats are feminine and all dogs masculine! stinks to be him! great stuff, btw...

  • Artanis186
    30 Sep '10

    Poor Shoelace. :o

  • watson
    11 Sep '11

    XD she got bored

  • Troo
    2 Jun '12

    I agree with Rich, cats are girly and dogs are

    I tried teaching my nephew that when he was a toddler, that all cats are girls and all dogs are boys, and so when girlcats have their babies, they have both kittens and puppies, dependant on gender.

    My brother was soooo pissed when he found out!

  • Cassidy
    6 Dec '12

    Oh my goodness, Li!
    I've went from your latest comics back to your first, and let me just say, you can really see how much you've improved! I always love reading these--they're so cute.(:
    Thanks for all your handwork.

  • Shoelace
    16 Feb '14

    I hate you, so, so much, >:(

  • Maddie
    8 May '14

    Just looking back over the old comics, and realised that Shoelace has less features now! Like, he no longer has a nose or mouth! Love the comics

  • Irk
    31 Dec '15

    Noo! For some reason, I can't look at page 01! It keep taking me to 116 for some reason. Now I am a sad. =(