• Li

    14 Dec '09


  • William

    14 Dec '09

    Hi! Welcome back to the interwebs!

  • Lailei

    14 Dec '09

    Yay! There's flowers! There's a garden!

  • katie

    04 May '10

    hi i love your comics they are so funny.... i can't them out of the newspaper and when i need a laugh i read them ahahahaha!

  • Marion

    23 May '10

    wow you realy have a good design

  • Aeron

    25 Sep '10

    yay Nine Inch Nails!

  • Kiersten

    08 Nov '10

    i dont get it!

  • Liz

    15 Nov '10

    She's a cat-girl, whats not to get?

  • Jack

    16 Jan '11

    The begining of cat woman

  • Sarina

    19 Feb '11

    My boyfriend introduced me to your comic. He said it reminded him of me. I have read all of them. I agree. I feel like I found my kindred spirit. Except I have Chihuahuas that I talk to... and Justice lives 2000 miles away.. :( I enjoy your comic immensely. it reminds me of my life.

  • Sumi

    09 Mar '11

    I am so sad. I started at the newest and read all the way to the beginning. Now I'm done and have to wait like a regular person to get new things. Thank you for your happy-making comic!

  • Votarist

    11 Mar '11

    Stumbled on this, about to click it again when I saw the NIN poster. I immediately decided to read all of them.

  • Matej

    08 Jul '11

    Hello Li, I've just gone through all of your comics, and I find them very very good. Just wanted to say that you got a new reader today from Croatia. Keep it up, best regards, Matej

  • bunnitos

    21 Aug '11

    I've been reading back through your comics and now I've reached the beginning. Oh no! Out of comics! Please draw more so I can continue to procrastinate instead of doing my assignment. ;P

  • dmitri

    22 Aug '11

    ive read all 109 comics or so and OMG FREAKIN space shark ... i think i might be a space shark

  • dmitri

    22 Aug '11

    wait like 173 or so

  • dmitri

    22 Aug '11

    ... i love typing on things :)

  • Cat

    13 Sep '11

    So I found your comic cuz a friend of mine that kept sharing them on fb, and I've finally finished reading though all of them... Backwards. XD It was kinda funny. But I /really/ enjoyed them- they were so funny and I could relate to some of them. I subscribed to the feed, so I can keep up. c: Can't wait to see some more!! Keep up the great work~ <3

  • Eric

    15 Sep '11

    Did you really wait there for 3 hours. Can't believe Jordan didnt see you in that time span

  • Cuyo

    03 Mar '12

    love it!!!

  • laura

    07 Aug '12

    New reader, via your link I saw while stumbling upon your Kickstarter campaign. Just wanted to say your artistry is absolutely beautiful! And it makes me smile. :)

  • Greg

    18 Dec '12

    made me smile 2

  • feii

    29 Dec '12


  • Daniel

    13 Mar '13

    its always great to re-read all comics :)

  • Tig

    12 Sep '13

    It is scary how familiar this comic is to my relationship.

  • LinKai

    02 Feb '14


  • Luisa

    08 Oct '14

    Sus dibujos son tan bonitos que me encantan... :)

  • lauren

    01 Feb '15


  • lauren

    01 Feb '15

    that is a great comic book!!!

  • Leonardo

    23 Jul '17

    I'm so happy to see you're still making comics! I've been a fan since 2012, but haven't been on in a couple years! You made another happy day! :)

  • Ben

    15 Dec '17

    The next and end buttons are too close together

  • Chris

    14 Aug '18

    The next and end buttons are too far apart. ;-)

  • Jesse

    25 Feb '20

    Just found this art, I really enjoy the style

  • Yitzi

    15 Oct '20

    Just discovered your art, and enjoyed it so much I went back and read all your comics! Thanks so much for your wonderful creations :)

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