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• Exocomics Printed Volumes •

In 2012 we finally managed to create print versions of the comic!
Proudly printed in NZ on high quality stock with beautiful gold foiling.
Both volumes contain 100 comics each, with extra art and commentary by Li and Jordan.

Set of both volumes
NZ$60 (excl shipping)
Postage ranges from $5 within NZ to $35 to the UK

Volume 1
Comics 1 — 100
20.5 x 20.5cm, 144 pages
NZ$35 (excl shipping)

Volume 2
Comics 101 — 200
20.5 x 20.5cm, 140 pages
NZ$35 (excl shipping)

• Shirts at Cafepress •

We currently offer several styles of Exocomics shirts via Cafepress.
Exocomics' Cafepress Store

• Prints and Posters •

Space Shark Poster - A3
As seen in comic 64
A3 colour print, signed.
NZ$30, including postage.

Comic Prints
Choose any comic!
A4 or A3, signed.
A4: NZ$23, including postage.
A3: NZ$30, including postage.

• Commissioned Drawings •

Hand Drawn Sketches
A5, original pencil.
Price on enquiry, email me.
See the commmissions page for examples.