All commissioned works are original, signed pencil drawings.
To request a picture, email me.

Anniversary Gift, 2009

This was requested as an anniversary
present for the client's girlfriend.

Scout's Outing, 2009

This was commissioned by a scouts
group in England to promote a
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie night.

First House, 2010

To commemorate the purchase of
thier first house together.

Happy Birthday Corey, 2010

Oh Corey. What do you even.

Cookies for Jeff, 2010

Jeff's cookies — are not your cookies.

Birthday Science, 2010

Birthday present. Exo's crack team investigates.
Li helps.

The Pirate Ship

This was a very special commission for Jordan's sister's wedding.
That's her and her husband on the bow. It was done digitally with a
tablet and then printed on canvas and mounted at 600x950mm.

Not offering this style at the moment. It's crazy amounts of work.