• Li

    25 Jan '17

    I get tongue-tied like this all the time. Once I even said copophoty instead of photocopy.

    There are two new original drawings for sale in the store!

  • Franck

    25 Jan '17

    Wait how are those handcuffs going to work... nevermind, the thief seems under control now. I mean under police.

  • Kilby

    25 Jan '17

    For an insidious crime: somebody has stolen ALL of my articles!

  • Chris

    26 Jan '17

    Instead of jail she dropped me off at the zoo. 10/10 would get arrested again

  • Sebastian

    27 Jan '17

    Man, why did I ever drop this comic, it's super rad!

  • Natesh

    27 Jan '17

    This is called as SPOONERISM. This is named after Spooner .He once said,"Its easy for a camel to go through the knee of the idol " instead of eye of the needle.

  • Epicness

    27 Jan '17

    I suggest potatoes.

  • Karry

    01 Feb '17

    That bunneh is still cute c:

  • MSVCP140

    01 Feb '17

    :-) OK !

  • cheese

    03 Feb '17

    How bun do tie with mask on face i need explain

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