• Li

    02 Jul '14

    There are a few new drawings in the store that I've put up in the last couple of weeks. Take a look! :D

  • Marc

    02 Jul '14

    This is a perfect representation of how I feel every day.

  • Incia

    02 Jul '14

    This is me after work when I get home. :P

  • Kilby

    02 Jul '14

    Goodbye, couch potatoes, make way for the couch blimps.

  • Tim

    03 Jul '14

    Birdies go bye-bye into the sunset.

  • Nectok

    03 Jul '14

    Lazy days are the best xD

  • Amanda

    03 Jul '14

    Couch Lovers Unite!!!

  • sarah penguin

    03 Jul '14

    Skycats for the win! :)

  • Xeno!

    03 Jul '14

    Stop using your telekinesis to make Shoelace fly around! It's making your tongue swell up.

  • GuyveroZ

    04 Jul '14

    Fire the Lazebeams!

  • Andrew W.

    05 Jul '14

    I love the little easter eggs... like the birds flying away in the painting behind them.

  • Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie

    05 Jul '14

    Have you been spying on me? Definitely how me and my cat hang.

  • soot

    07 Jul '14

    where did shoelace's pillow come from? dat magic

  • Xeno!

    08 Jul '14

    Magic? Come on, don't be silly now. That pillow was obviously being kept in a transitional dimension until being willed into existence by Shoelace's pandimensional consciousness. Duh.

  • Ruby Tuesday

    08 Jul '14

    Can I join Team Laze too?

  • I Luv Minecraft

    27 Aug '14

    Your face... It reminds me... Of Ivan... mi chubbe blak Kat. :p. IVAN SHUT UP!!!

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