• Justin N

    16 Dec '10

    If a pet squirrel costs 200 yuan, then at today's exchange rate $37.95 would be 1.26 squirrels. The dozens are unnecessary, you'd get change back from two!

  • Andrew Wadsworth

    17 Dec '10


  • Molozonide

    18 Dec '10

    Wow. There are so many squirrels here in Texas! The other day, I was sitting in front of the library and one came up to me and gave me an acorn. I wasn't sure what to think.

  • Jen

    18 Dec '10


  • AngelicDirt

    24 Dec '10

    Fuzzy little guys are gonna take over the world one day. Mark my words. And Li is gonna help them. X3

  • jonnyboy

    29 Dec '10

    we dont get squirrels in nz just saying XD

  • Gabby

    09 Jan '11

    i love squirrels how about you :D

  • Shaymus22

    02 Mar '11

    I really like this :)

  • Julie

    19 May '11

    This was the FIRST one i saw this afternoon when my friend linked me. So I have been going through them .. And I'm almost finished! But then when i finish, there will be no more. :(

  • Brok3n Doll

    14 Jun '11

    Epic squirrel rush!!

  • Zazu Yen

    21 Jan '12

    I don't know why this is so funny, but it is SO funny.

  • Tamfang

    15 Jun '14

    Why do squirrels suddenly appear every time you are near?

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